For those who wish to minimise their impact on the environment, this area is named after the iconic Little Yarra River that winds its way through this part of the Yarra Valley.

In the Little Yarra bushland burial section, only natural burials are permitted, using fully biodegradable materials. Natural burials such as this ensure you are contributing to the re-establishment of a natural bushland site and the protection of that site in perpetuity. No monumental work is permitted in the Little Yarra area. At the entrance to Little Yarra is a wooden fence where a small memorial plaque may also be fixed. In addition, each grave is mapped and surveyed to ensure the ability of current and future generations to locate the graves of loved ones. Shroud burials also welcome.

Plaques purchased through the cemetery include permit fees and installation costs. Gravesites are restricted to a single burial.

Right of Interment (site only) $1,940

Interment of Bodily Remains $1,340

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